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when can i catch a break (update) Lock Rss

First i'm not back.
Just wanted to bounce something off you lovely ladies.

It's been a month since we lost bubble. We maded MIL promise (well hubby did) that she wouldn't tell anyone about it due to me wanting to keep it to myself until i felt ready to tell anyone.
Last monday MIL maded a comment that maded me feel like she said something. She told her sister that i was doing better than my sil was.
When we came home i ask hubby if he she ask him if it was ok to tell someone. Hubby said no way. I told him what she said, cause he was playing with our boys.

Anyway on Friday hubby ask her flat out if she told her sister. She said very happily yes i did. I said you promise us you weren't going to tell anyone. That you promise hubby that you weren't going to say anything.

She said that you won't care about this in 5 to 10 years time. I didn't say anything due to not knowing how i feel about it.

Anyway i told hubby that i was done with his family.
MIL maded us promise not to tell anyone about sil losing baby a month before since she not handling it at all.

Now i feel more hurt, i wanted to tell people when i was ready, I wanted to let it sink in more. MIL told them within a week.

Hubby told her off but she doesn't feel bad with what she done.

I told hubby that his family causes way too much stress on me.

So how should i handle her, hubby & i've agreed not to tell her nothing, she says she hasn't told sil & bil but we don't believe her.

Just to update you all, i feel alot better now except for my earache that i have and i have abit of a cold but i'm fine.
We about to go holidays can't wait

I'm so sorry about your loss. How dare she tell people when you specifically asked her not to. She should respect your feelings and keep her mouth shut IMO
I wouldn't tell her anything important/private anymore either. She can't know how your going to feel about your loss - everyone grieves differently.

MIL's wtf is with them

Hugs xo
Hi blessings smile I've missed you.

I'm so sorry to hear what your MIL has done after all you've been through. She is definitely too stressful to have around. I really don' know what you can do other than not tell her things.

*GREAT BIG HUGS* I hope you enjoy your holiday, sounds like you really need it!

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Hi, it so nice to hear from you smile

Your MIL has really crossed the line with that one, I would be very upset if I was in your situation. I agree with the other ladies don't tell her things because she obviously isn't trustworthy to keep things to herself.

Have a fantastic holiday with your little family and a great christmas. I look forward to your return in the new year smile
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So good to see your profile pick even if its only a once off for now.
I think you're right not to tell her anything from now on. I think you will have a hard time keeping her out of your life all together but I wouldn't be going to any effort to spend time with her or keep her updated on your lives.
So glad you are doing ok.
Wishing you and your family a very merry christmas and a fun filled, safe & happy holiday & hopefully we'll see you around in the new year.

That's so crap. It's so disrespectful to share what is such a personal and heartbreaking event. My DH told my grandmother, well not exactly... I told him that I didn't want her to know and that if she called when I went in for my D&C that he tell her I was working. I didn't want her to know because lately she's been through a lot and focusses a lot on death and sickness and tends to tell everyone she knows about everybody's medical problems. So anyway, she calls and DH tells her I was in hospital for a minor procedure but not to worry. Of course she worries and calls mum who is then forced to tell her. So now she knows and I'm really upset as I wanted to keep this private. Don't have advice for you lovely, just wanted to say I understand what you're feeling. It's so devestating losing a baby and even worse when people find out and you weren't ready to tell them.

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GBH blessings. I 100% agree with everyone else, don't tell her about anything that is going on in your life. I hope you have a great holiday!!! smile

Thank You everyone.

Hubby actually saw her this morning, she had something of his that i wanted & he thought it was safer for me not to go to her place.

He called her a liar & she said no i'm not ok yes i am.

Hubby told her that night she confessed that he can't trust her anymore & the fact she doesn't see a problem with what she does.

My mum is pi&& off & wants nothing to do with MIL.

Just say i wish we where going away tomorrow so we don't have to spend any type of xmas with her. Told hubby that it better she keeps her distance from me because i know i say something i will regret.

She tells people she works with what sil going threw, so what's to stop her from telling my info. She works for my doctor & i going to ask my doctor to lock my files has well has the boys because i don't want her reading our private info.

We going to visit my sided of the family, who are in nsw and we can't wait to go.

GBH's - everyone else has summed it up well. Look after yourself.

Enjoy your hol mylittleblessings - sounds like it will be good for you and your family to get away and have a break. Happy Christmas.

Like everyone said, don't tell her. Don't tell her when your trying, or when you get pregnant. Don't tell her any of your plans.

Enjoy your break.
Just wanted to update.

I rang MIL & told her that i was upset with her for going against our wishes & breaking her promise to me but most her breaking her promise to her own son. I said i didn't want anyone to know & she said that her sister is family & i said i didn't want anyone to know & if i could of got away with it she wouldn't of known about it.
I also told her that this puts hubby & me in a hard place that if hubby auntie rings we may have to tell her that this info she shouldn't of been told in the first place.

All she kept saying is that it. Like how i feel isn't important.

Hubby said i should tell her that she hurt me & i did & she couldn't give a sh*t about it.

Dani + 1 wrote:
She works for your Dr? I'd be getting a new Dr tbh even if he locks the files she will still know when you go in.

agree 100% with Dani + 1
Monster in laws never know when to keep their mouths closed!!

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