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What do you miss? Lock Rss

Just wondering what you miss doing the most now that your a mum?

I miss watching a full episode of tv without bring interrupted or even reading a page in a magazine.
I miss going to the movies and long lunches and dinners at cafes.

I do miss just being able to walk out the door when going places without having to organise food, nappies etc...

Much the same sleepins,undisturbed tv,going to the toilet alone-ds likes to it on my lap haha

When I am sick I miss not being able to lay on the couch all day watching tv & feeling sorry for myself. I also miss having a clean/tidy house, mess stresses me out & having kids is incompatible with a clean house wink
You know I cant really think of anything! My life is pretty awesome now and though I loved life and had lots of fun prior to having kids, it is so much better now that they are here, nappies, less sleep, less me time and all! The only thing I guess I notice is there isnt as much disposable income!!
All of the above but mainly I miss waking up properly instead of waking up to "muuuum" "muuuuum" "I want to get uuuuuuuuup!!" And then when I do get her up "toast!" "Milk" "I wanna do poo" "I picked boogie mummy" lol

I used to love to wake up slowly, eat breakfast and read a mag/paper- I miss that lol but wouldn't change it smile

My kids have changed my out look on life as before them I was all about work work and how I could get further so having them has changed my whole perspective

I do miss being spontaneous and not being kicked awake by little hands and feet and if I don't wake up my face will be poked and poked till I'm completly awake smile
money, feeling that you are always being watched lol, walking around with your partner holding hands sad
i miss not having the need for babysitters. sometimes it would be nice for dh and i to go out just on a whim rather than planning it 4 weeks in advance.
besides the peace and quiet i mostly miss being able to go to the toilet without seeing something floating in the bowl!! My kids never flush even though i tell them to every time they go... its always "did you flush and wash yourn hands?"
Kids will reply "yes mum" and i will walk in and there will be things in the bowl
*insert screwed up face here* lol

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