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What do you miss? Lock Rss

the only thing i miss is the simplicity. So like others said going out without planning, food, nappies, drinks, sleep time, car seats, prams, spare clothes, activites, books etc.

But do I wish i could go back to that???? No way just wish I had a few more hands some days lol

Forever, for always and no matter what

I miss my sleep ins and reading my newspaper or mags by myself without the pgs being torn apart!

I miss my old boobs! ( o )( o )

I don't really miss 'doing things' as much. Yes it would be nice, but i know in the future i will go to the loo by myself, be spontaneous, sleep in etc but my old boobs...they are never coming back. :'(

No amount of exercise, healthy eating, not even plastic surgery will restore them to their former glory. They will never be the same again. So yep, totally vain but my boobs are what i miss the most!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Ok where do I start... I miss...

Dates with DH
Sleeping, whenever I please and for however long I want
Having money
Going out, even to the shops, without having to pack the household and prepare enough snacks to see us through the trip
Car trips without crying in the backseat
A quiet house
Being able to pop out for a movie or icecream after dinner
A clean house
Being able to go out for the whole day and not having to factor in naps or bedtime
Being able to veg out even when I feel like crap, sick etc
My flat and unstretched tummy. And my skin in general
Putting things down and then finding them in the same place again...

Day to day there is plenty to whinge about but then at least once everyday I think how lucky I am to have this life. So all my complaints are mild

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Sleep and long relaxing baths with a wine and trashy magazines.
Proper body-worshiping sex.
Honestly i dont miss anything. I still sleep but at a more respectful time now, i eat better, im more active and my life is so much more fullfilling, now that i have my DD. But if i had to say one thing i could do with my old size 10 body back grin
Sleep at the moment mostly but also eating both out and in at a leisurely rate. Oh and running by myself without a pushchair.
I miss going to the toilet without playing peek-a-boo with my baby! Oh, and just walking out the door to go out - none of this planning a small assault mission effort it takes now!
NuMama27 wrote:
Sleep, underwire bras and "fun me"....Im sure she'll come back after I get some sleep tho smile

Definately underwire bras or normal bras- hotmilk only gets you so far!
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