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Vent - MANNERS... what happened to them! Lock Rss

I dont expect any replies on this thread... but I just to vent that I am so tired of people not using manners!

A simple word can make me either decline what you have asked me to do or do it with a smile on my place. Come on!! Just say please and thank you. ITS NOT HARD!! In fact it makes you a better person.

*deep sigh* I think I am done.

THANK YOU to those that read this haha

I agree!

I'm trying to teach my DS manners - sometimes it doesn't sink in though!

i tried to get out a card shop yesterday with a trolley i was so poliet to the lady said 'so so sorry do u mind if i just squeeze out here' she got all huffy moved and checked the other isles like 'you could have gone down one of thses' they all had peoploe in them too. I was just poliet back n was like ' thank you so much for that hope you have a joyful christmas'.
In saying that tho i got stuck in another shop and no one would let me out the door, one lady saw me just letting everyone out because i didnt want to barge my way through she realised i was pregnant n maade everyone else stop to let me out lol

I think its just disgusting. People are so engrossed in their own worlds they dont care about other people anymore. Its just such a shame.

People just think its their RIGHT to do things.

2tinks wrote:
My pet hate is when you let someone into the flow of traffic and they don't thank you. Is it really that hard to raise your hand and give a small wave in acknowledgement......

OOOO dont even get me started on traffic! I completely agree with you. Or those completely idiotic people that dont know how to merger and you have pretty much merged into the one lane than some cheeky shit comes all the way up to your bonnet and expects you to let them in!

I totally agree!! I think especially this time of year people need to slow down and be kind to each other! How freakin hard is it to smile, say please or thank you, excuse me etc.
It's not that difficult to brighten someone's day a little just by being curteous and friendly smile
RCC376 wrote:
Yes, great topic !
The other day we were at the shops. While DH was looking at something on a shelf, a lady comes up with her trolley, just stops and waits for my DH to move out of the way. NO EXCUSE ME or nothing! Expects my DH to be pyshic !

Agreed! Or even when you say excuse me, they give you the biggest sigh like it was SUCH a mission to move over one step. Agh. ... gets my blood boiling.

I work in an office with a lot of laborers and when they ask for something with out saying please. I just stare at them and say, whats the magic word, like they are children and they then say please. It just should be common sense!

I hate it when people don't use manners. When I'm at work if a fellow worker asks for something without saying please I make them say it before they get what they want ???? DD has to use please and thank you and don't think it's too much to expect adults to use them either
I'm one for saying please & thank you for people. It really embarrasses them. And I always say you're welcome when they don't say thank you. I do it automatically now and I do it to everyone - even do it to randoms in the shopping centre! My parents hate it but they should use their manners!

I'm the same... even if I want to cross the street and someone lets me go, I wave my hand and mouth thank you. Same with letting traffic through. Aaaah just annoys me, people with no manners
Oh I really dislike people without manners. My 18mo Dd can say "peeez" and "tantoo" (please and thank you) it can't possibly be that hard for adults.
RCC376 wrote:

Yes, me too and I always drill it into my kids. So much so, my 2 year old DD handed me something the other day and said to me "What do you say?" When it dawned on me what she had said as she is still abit hard to understand I said " Thank you" .DH and I had a laugh over that one

hahaha Oooooh bless tongue

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