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Have to take it out upset. Lock Rss

Hi well 3 months ago I got my nose pierced was going
good then got infected a lump around it. So went to Dr & got ointment
& tablets. It worked. A few weeks later did it again
so tried ointment but it was doing nothing.

It's been 3months now so tonight going to take it out.
Am so sad as I love it & lots of people have one.
Even my friend has one.
It's something my body doesn't like as tried having my trugus done also
got the lump around it. So I only have 1 set of ear rings that I got done when
I was a baby.

I did get my nose done in Brisbane & told them I had a lot of trouble & they
said to try a different stud & not the cheap ones.
I have even been have vitiamin C. And I don't drink & smoke.

Thanks for reading if you got this far. My little vent for the day.

Aaargh I hate it when that happens,it sucks.

Sorry about your nose.I had my eyebrow done for over a year with no issue then noticed it starting to grow out sad.

Now I've got a scar where it was.I have my nose done too have for about 8 years no hassles with that.

It's your bodys way of trying to get rid of 'forign' objects in your body and you never know what will reject and what won't.

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