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not trying to start a debate but Lock Rss

Our girls had them done last year they were 6 and 3, they were both asking for them. We have had no problems and DD1 can change ger own ear rings now, I would not have considered doing it when they were babies though.
I got mine done when I was about 8, I think that was even a little young. I wouldn't allow my kids to get them until they're old enough to care for them properly themselves, and even then I'd discourage them for as long as possible.
Well seeing as I have only just got mine done at age 27 I think my dd might take a while to want them as she's so far grown up with it being normal to have none. Lol

She did ask me before I got mine done could she get them and I said yes, but I thought it was necessary to explain how its done (this is a child that needs to know these things) and she then said she didn't want to do it.

So I had her come watch them do mine as I wanted to show her that it didn't make me writhe around in pain. Lol

However... I assumed they'd use a gun and it would be over with a click.... And they instead used clamp things and a big long needle, and there was a drip of blood. Dd freaks about blood... And she said it made her feel sick in the stomach watching it... So I fear that instead of making it not so bad to get done I've just scared her off for many years!! laugh
Oh well, it doesn't bother me, whenever she wants to is fine by me!

I got mine done at 13. I'd never asked before but my Sis was getting hers done so I tagged along smile
So unless my DD asks to get hers done n knows what she wants I Won't bother. It's her body, her choice grin

I got mine done at 6 after I pestered my mum for ages, then again at 10 for the same reason (then she got hers done a second time too, she had a bad experience with her first set, but thought if her 10 year old daughter can..!) Mum took a lot of convincing for my first set though.

When/if I have girls, I will wait until they ask, or when they're "old enough" ask them if they want them.. A friend got her girls ears done well before she was 1, and I just personally don't like the idea of that, as they don't have a choice.

I remember getting my ears pierced when I would have been about 7. My sister would have been 8/9 at the time. We got them done together. From memory we had been asking my dad for a long time to get them, and I don't remember it hurting- more a shock than anything. Back then it seemed to be the norm to have ears pierced for girls. If I ever have a daughter im sure I would allow her to have them done, but probably would wait for her to ask me for them first.

I had mine done for my 10th birthday. My mum only got hers done a year or two before that and I remember going with her. I then wanted mine done but had to wait for my birthday!

I got mine done when I was about 10 I think and I had asked mum to get them done, and agree with the rest of the girls, will wait until she asks.

My mum got mine done at 6months old.
I also got my DD done at 3 months old.

I they don't do them until they are 6 months old now.

I think it better to get them when they are little as they
will not play with the new ear stud.

I would have more but my body reject them & gets lumps around them
so I only have 1 set.

My dad took me to get mine done at 8 years old, but when it came time to change them we couldn't get the new ones in. It freaked me out so much I didn't get them redone again until I was 17, and only because I worked in a pharmacy where we did ear piercing, so one of the girls did it for me. My body kept rejecting them so it took two years before they were healed enough to put new earrings in, just had to keep cleaning them and turning them. If my daughter asks for them I will let her, and just hope they aren't rejected like mine.

I had my ears pierced when I was 13, my Dad wouldn't let me before then. DD1 who is now 5 and a half, wanted hers done when she turned 5, I said she wasn't old enough. I'm trying to wait until she is 7 or 8 so that she is old enough to take care of her ears properly.

Same as most on here, we'll wait until DD asks. I was 7 when I got mine done, and I begged and begged for them. Think it was a good age as I was able to understand how they were done and how to look after them

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