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Blocking out stuff from your past Lock Rss

I faced a lot of my childhood memories in my teens n still do sometimes... Ones I'd just blocked out cos they were so horrific sad I do think the only way I could move on properly was to bravely face them n deal with them though. That's just me though. I didn't want them 'subconsciously' holding me back in life so I bit the bullet n it was so damn hard but very worth it to come out the other end stronger with an understanding of how much I'd suppressed from childhood. I still get the odd flashback now hinting at my past n what I faced after so long and as much as they suck I deal with it so much better than I did because I chose to remember n face what happened n believe it wasn't my fault. None of it was. I'd never take back facing it because I do think every bit if it made me stronger as a person even if at the time it nearly broke me. As long as u have the supports n commitment to go through with it I believe it can help xx *huge hugs* Hun! It's not easy deciding or working through any of it. Good luck xxxx

Hi I have not blocked out my past.As I was really lonely at school. No friends at all.
I would always hope that I get sick once I did rang bus to say don't pick me up Some times I would run away from school but they would find me. Can feel the tears rolling down my face. Also had learning
problems.So not smart at all.

So with DD going to school things are just the same with her. Both learning & being
very lonely.
It is really breaking my heart & I feel sorry for her. Sometimes I don't want to send
her to school. worried he's going to be lonely and not be smart.

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