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what can you freeze? Lock Rss

Not meaning things you cook/bake but things you buy

yoghurt in tubs?
any fresh fruit?
fresh herbs?

Anything else freezable?

Aka G&L smile

I freeze yoghurt into icypoles for the kids. Whenever I've tried freezing yoghurt in tubs it always looks gross when it's defrosted.

I freeze all leftovers from dinner for hubby to take for lunches and then i freeze leftover bolognaise sauces and stuff for another meal when i can't be bothere cooking

We freeze the bread that we buy because we don't go through it quick enough before it goes off.

If we buy muffins then we freeze them.

We freeze blue berries and grapes. Also bananas that have gone brown we freeze peeled in ziplock bags to make banana bread with.

Forever, for always and no matter what

chop the herbs and pop into ice cube trays with a bit of water then add to your cooking.Oranges apparently freeze well but never tried it

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I freeze milk, butter, tomato paste and liquid stocks etc
oranges are alright, but they go really mushy when you pull them out. perfect if doing cakes though. just not if you want to eat it fresh...

apparently you can freeze blocks of hard cheese like cheddar, but I haven't tried it.
you can also freeze peeled fresh bananas, then put them on a stick and have as an iceblock on a hot day. I also put honey and hundreds and thousands on them sometimes.
Oh I have with cheese but I grate it into bags and use as needed grin
Kimmy_Harris wrote:
Oh I have with cheese but I grate it into bags and use as needed grin
what a "grate" idea! grin

....see what I did
I freeze grated cheese, never have it fresh as it goes straight into the freezer. I freeze left over sour cream and cream in ice cubes for later. All bread/rolls/hot cross buns/crossiants/wraps/pizza based are all frozen. Mini frankfurts, left over pasta sauces into small containers. I freeze a lot
If margarine is on special, ill buy a heap an freeze a few. Defrosts fine.

And I shove whole bananas in the freezer to use for cake and bread etc. just defrost them, snip the tops off, and squeeze them out. They look like a big watery poo! And I usually use less oil/fluid because they are so watery.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

I freeze bread, grated cheese. Tomatos freeze ok whole too but only to use in cooking.

I always freeze milk, grated cheese (don't recommend blocks of cheese, they're hard to slice, go all crumbly), margarine, butter.

You can freeze corn on the cob & for a healthy cold snack, cut oranges up in quarters & eat when frozen. Kids love them! smile

Definitely bread as well!

When I was a kid and at school, Mum used to make a weeks worth of sandwiches for all of us kids & then freeze them. Generally with fillings that thawed out ok & tasted ok.
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