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age gaps question Rss

There is 4yrs 1month between dd1 and dd2 and if we had not of lost ds there would have been 16.5 months between dd2 and ds. If all goes to plan there will be between 2-2.5 yes between dd2 and our next bub.
There is a 3 year 11 month age gap between dd1 and dd2. I really wanted a 2 year age gap between my kids but unfortunately it took me 2 years and 2 rounds of ivf to conceive dd2. I actually think it has worked out better as dd1 was old enough to understand and was able to be a great helper when dd2 was born. In fact she was like her 2nd mummy. Now dd1 is 5 and a half and dd2 is 21 months and they play well together most of the time. smile

I've got a 6 year gap between DD1 and DS1 and then 14 month gap to DD2, so both a big and little gap.
Having them that close is crazy busy, but they are best buddies, and you're doing all the same things at the same time with them, so while it's hectic, it's also good to not have to turn around 2 years later and do swimming lesson etc again.
Hardest part of the big gap is entertaining the younger ones while the eldest is at sports lessons, school assemblies etc.
Easiest part of two close is within about 2- 3 years you're out of nappies/cots/prams etc
I didn't plan my gaps that way, but I'd rather 2 close together than no more babies smile
15months between ds1 & dd, 27months between dd & ds2. Ds1 & dd are best of friends but ds2 is only 4months so not sure how he's going to fit into things yet. There have been challenges to having 3 so close, but we didn't want to have big gaps.
We got 2 and a half years between the boys which is a perfect age gap for me. I had c-section and didn't want to rush into another pregnancy.

I have 4 years between my DS (4) and DD (6mts) and so far I love it as he is so self sufficient and a great help with her! I also feel as though I gave him a good amount of time with my full attention and can now give her a lot oundivided ateention too as he doesnt need me as much. If we were ti have another I would probably have about 3 yrs between them smile
When number 2 comes along, there will be just over 5yrs difference between my two. I think thats a good gap. DS will be at school 5 days a week so i think it will be ok smile

I have a little army of children 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 and pregnant with the last of them. Theyre VERY close and altho they have their own little personalities, they also are the bestest of buddies.
I like that they are close in ages but it can get abit tiring for me at times but I wouldnt have it any other way smile

I come from a big family also with 1year gaps and we also a very close.

Mum Of 3 Cuties wrote:
How many weeks are you with this last cherub?

Im now 24 weeks smile Due May 14th with a little boy smile

We have exactly 2 yearsgap their birthdays are 1 day apart. O think I would like gap to be sligjtly bigger by.a.few months

Umm, now this is getting my brain working. Lol
There'd be a 1year 7month old gap.

I know it sounds tricky but Ive kinda mastered the art of multi tasking. Lol

Haha, I thank god everyday for kindy's, school, playgroups, family and my lovely DP smile They have helped keep me sane grin

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