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age gaps question Rss

we will have a 12y6m lol if we did it again the gap who be MUCH short smile

dd1 Lucy Anna H

dd2 ???? Katilyn H

We will have a 12 month age gap next June smile

Know I'm guna be super busy but really looking forward to them being close. 2 of my sisters are also pregnant, so all four of them will be really close smile

About 2 yrs 8 months between DD and DS and there will be approximately 2 years 10 months between DS and this bub.

I originally wanted a much smaller gap between DD and DS but it took a long time for me to fall pregnant. I'm glad now that DD was that bit older though, she was that little bit more independent which meant I found things a lot easier with the transition between 1 child and 2 than I'd expected. Will be interesting to see how the gap works this time because I've also got to add in school runs etc this time but we'll get there smile

I have 20months between my 2. No plans to have another think if we were going to I would have had another with the same gap but you never know what the future holds smile

Forever, for always and no matter what

16 months between 1st and 2nd, 13 months between 2 & 3.In hindsight,if I had my time over I would have 2 -3 years between them.3 toddlers /babies were lovely but 3 prepubescent(sp) boys is not so much fun!But when you wait til mid 30's to "start" , its better to churn them out quickly lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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