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When did you start showing with your 2nd? Lock Rss

Hi ladies!! Just wondering when everyone starting showing with their second pregnancies?
Im 11 weeks and have a little pot already, i feel like im going crazy! didnt think id show this early! smile
i started showing at 19 weeks with my second smile
ive only just joined this site yesterday Little Miss's so i have no idea how to use it haha. but glad im not the only one who is showing early! you wouldnt be able to tell if you didnt know, might just think ive eaten a bit much but hubby and I can tell smile
Im a chunky girl naturally so I think I havent started to show till the last week or so. Im 25weeks now, my sis on the other hand is 13weeks and shes still got her abs. Im hoping she gets really really big! Lol... in the most loving way. Hehehe

I am 14 weeks tomorrow with my 2nd and i started showing at 8-9 weeks.

You can definitely tell mine is a baby belly now. I was concerned i was carrying twins, until our scan last week which showed just 1 baby hahaha

I felt like I was showing at around 8 weeks and started wearing looser tops but no-one else noticed or commented. I am quite a small person.
im not a big person (48kg) and ive definately got a little pot belly! i love it, cant wait till it gets bigger! I was convinced i was having twins as ive been suffering from horrible HG and because i was already showing but only the 1 bub!
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I started showing within the first 3months. I was just as shocked. Everyone was telling me that you show alot earlier with the second but I didn't think it would be that early.
im quite chunky and showed at about 4 months with my 2nd, 5 months with 1st and 10 wks with current 3rd pregnancy. i feel like Ive been the same huge size since 5 months 3rd time around!! it really depends on how you carry. i carry high so its more obvious sooner.

I'm quite a trim and tall person so with my second, although we wanted to keep it to ourselves, we had to tell everyone at 9 weeks cause it had become obvious and i was already heading to my old maternity clothes.

I fear the same is happening now as i am 6 weeks with my 3rd and baggy shirts are already starting to raise suspicion, i do also have IBS though so my story for now is that is flaring up really bad and making me really bloated.

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