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I know there are a few threads about these on here. My question is:
Should I by a food processor or spend more on the thermomix?

We have a blender, but no food processor.
We are on restricted diets: gluten free, one lactose free. Me hubby and 3 kids, 9, 3 and 1.
Anyone have any thoughts? I'm going to a demo next week.
It really depends what you want to use it for.

I went to a demo and its good. It really is. Its also expensive though. I ummed and ahhed and decided to try and use my food processor like a thermomix. it pretty much does the same stuff except for the cooking.

I was still umming and ahhing for a while so my friend who was a demonstrator lent me her spare one for a week.
I used it everyday and it was helpful, but it didn't really help me as such. I found it annoying because its so quick that I couldn't leave it. Usually when I cook, I put something in a pot and come back every now and then to do something else. You can't really do that with a lot of the cooking as everything only takes about 3 seconds. If you don't follow the recipe exactly though, you can stuff it up big time.

I have decided a kitchen aid would probably be more helpful for me in addition to my food processor. You can do just about everything with a food processor. For me, I don't think its worth the money. I think once the novelty wheres off with the cooking side of it, its just a really good food processor.
I've had mine just on 2 years and I still use it almost everyday smile For me a food processor wouldn't cut it. Before the TM I went to some demos but there was no way we'd have been able to afford it. I pulled out my food processor and decided I could do almost as much with that as the TM. And I totally could do most things, but it just took longer. My very generous mum bought me one for Christmas 2yrs ago and now I couldn't do without it! If it was damaged or broken I'd defiantly replace it - the food processor just wouldn't cut it now!
Thanks for replying. I am still so unsure. Hopefully after I've seen it in action I'll be a bit clearer. Worried that with our restricted diet I might not use it as much as others, but have also heard its great for that because you can make it all yourself and now what's going into your food.
They cost the best part of $2000, and after much googling, the best food processor is about $500-$600. You can get smaller, therefore cheaper food processors, but with a family of 5 who will one day be 3 hungry teenagers, I figure its best to get a bigger one to start with.
OC- I wonder if I can talk my friend into lending me hers for a bit. Hadn't thought about it being so quick that you need to stay there with it. Borrowing one is a great idea.
Ruby, do you find you do cook heaps more, even though you have a busy family? I don't bake as much as I'd like too because, we'll 3 kids, 1 at school, need I say more.
A little under $2k.
I think about the same as always. I do think I attempt things that I wouldn't have before. Only because with the TM I can do things that before seemed fussy or time consuming but now is so quick and easy. Even before we weren't really big on takeaway, but now when I can make a quick yummy (healthy) meal so quickly we never bother with takeaway. In the time it would take memto gompick anything up I could have cooked!
Aww I still love my slow cooker, it's a oldie but a goodie, plus I like chopping everything by hand I find it therapeutic .
Worth every cent and I couldn't live without mine! They are great for special dietary needs as you know what's going in. It makes everything so quick, healthy and easy. Even hubby likes cooking now. We make all our own bread, butter, yoghurt, sorbet, snacks. The sky is the limit. I also think it pays for itself because by making things you might normally buy premade it saves $$$

I make most of our stuff from scratch and tbh a lot of it was really frustrating in the TM. Stuff like bread - I make in larger batches then I can fit in the TM and butter I think works better in the food processor. I think it would be useful for jam and curd - mainly because you can do it in small quantities. Its great for stuff like dips and sauces and cooking some stuff because you can leave it - the custard....yummo! But I found it to be something that where I thought I would find it useful I didn't really. Another big factor for me is how loud it is. Our house has floorboards and thin walls. It would wake the kids up if I used it when they were sleeping and it scared the beejesus out of them if they were in the room. I would borrow one if you can to get an idea. It looks good in the demo as they cook really simple impressive stuff. Honestly though, all that stuff with the exception of the risotto is easily done without one anyway.
Thanks for your honest feedback. I think I'll pull out the kitchen gadgets I do have and see how I go using those with a few things for a bit first. Amazing how the thought of spending $2k makes you use the things you do have.
Today's paper happened to have an article about 2 consultants and they said most thermomix consultants earn $5 000-$10 000 a month, which is about $60 000 - $120 000 a year!!! No wonder they are so expensive, that's where the money is going.
Something to think about is if you become a consultant, then you can get yourself a thermomix if you sell 6. smile
OC1246 wrote:
Something to think about is if you become a consultant, then you can get yourself a thermomix if you sell 6. smile

This is something I'm considering smile

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