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Advice / reassurance needed so scared but excited at the same time Lock Rss

Good morning huggies land, I am an old member who has not been around for a very loooooooooooooong time but I could really do with some reassurance right now.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with cholestasis a liver condition which affects 1-2 out of 1000 pregnancies which can be really dangerous to the baby, so now I am booked in to be induced at 11:30 today.

I am 37+6 today so full term but I am so scared about being induced, my other 2 came when they where ready and as much as I want this baby out so I can meet it mentally I had prepared for the baby to be over due as my other 2 where born at 41 weeks and thought this one would be the same.

It just feels so weird I got up this morning and made breakfast for everyone and we are off to ballet soon just another typical Saturday morning, but sometime this weekend we will have our baby. It is completely spinning me out.

GBH, wishing you all the best!!!
No need to be afraid, you'll be in capable hands and to think... you'll have your little bundle of joy in your arms before the weekends over. That is definately gonna be a highlight of the week for you smile
Best of luck smile

sorry i dont now anything about being induced but my son decided to come at 38 +1 weeks so i know what its like having an early baby. my water broke at 1am and i didnt start to have regualr contraction till 11am so it was like i was carrying on with my day but i knew he would be coming sometime that day. it was kinda weird. i too thought he would be overdue and wasnt intirely prepared mentally for it.

good luck with everything, you will be fine smile wub

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