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DD's Birthday * pics gone * Lock Rss

Great pics, looks like she had a great day & I reckon she would have loved that cake! I love that photo of her and her friend!
Looks like it was a fab day dazzler! Your DD is so cute! Cake looks awesome as well.
She looks like she had a fantastic time grin
They're fantastic photos - it helps that she's gorgeous (just like her mama)!
Gorgeous pics! Your DD is so sweet grin

Glad she had a lovely bday party!

great photos, thanks for sharing!Looks like a lovely party

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Naww what a cutie! Looks like lots of fun!
they are amazing pic!! it looks like it was an awesome day smile

Naaaaw what a sweet little doll! Glad you all had a great day!

Dazzler she is just beautiful! Looks like a great day! I LOVE the photo of you kissing her, it is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. PS- Your looking awesome in your short shorts there, all your hard work is paying off!!
Gorgeous pics Dazzler!! grin she's such a gorgeous lil girl! Looks so much like u hun! Xx

My_little_dazzler wrote:
Haha oh thanks misskel! Felt pretty good that I could finally wear short shorts lol

If only I could have invited everyone from huggies tongue

There's always next year.....!
Wow what great photos, she's so gorgeous. Looks like it was a fantastic day hun.
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