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A long needed UPDATE: I'm back and we're settling in at home! *pics included* :) Lock Rss

Hi everyone smile

I haven't been on in AGES but now that I've semi found a routine here at home I'll try to get on more again!!
My gorgeous baby boy Ciaran came home at 3wks 3days old, or 37+1 weeks gestation (corrected age) on Tuesday the 5th of February. He was 2.715kg, 48cm long and a HC of 33cm on discharge so growing very very well!! grin
He's been home almost 2 weeks and we're all very happy!! It was an emotional journey getting him home but well worth it In the end! He's fattening up nicely n was 2.818kg 2 days after discharge (103g gain) n then 2.88kg the day after on 8th February (62g in 24hrs) so he started thriving at home n is gaining more here than in hospital!! Plus he's a 4-4.5hrly feeder of a day n 5-6hrs overnight most nights so an excellent sleeper. He's a very very good baby! Settled and barely cries (except in nappy changes lol). His brother n sister both love him to pieces! Words can't explain how happy I am with my little family right now wub
Ciaran was 1 month old last Tuesday on the 12th Feb and 5 weeks on Saturday (16th) so time is FLYING way too fast!! Xx
He's getting weighed again this afternoon so will update again with that later smile
But for now here are some pics... Sorry to bombard everyone but he's growing so quick n I'm a very proud mummy hehe tongue

This was Ciaran coming home in the car!

His first night at home in the bassinet

Meeting his big brother for first time the day after discharge when his bro went in for his bronchoscopy. DS Liam didn't know what to do with a baby lol!

Same day at the paed ward with DS

DD Rhiannon giving her baby brother a cuddle the day of his weigh in at SCN (2 days post discharge)

Sleeping peacefully in the pram after the weigh n a Drs check

At home in his new swing

These were taken at 1 MONTH OLD (38+1 corrected) on Tuesday the 12th of Feb grin some were taken in a hospital setting while we visited my bestie Erin (we dressed him up lol)!

And these were taken on Friday (15th Feb) after a bath xx he's getting so big, way too fast!

Gosh how teeny is he in that swing!!! Lol he's gorgeous, glad its going well! Welcome back! smile

Oh V!!!!! He is just so tiny and precious!! wub The picture in the swing nearly made me tear up he is just so, so tiny. He is an absolutely beautiful little baby and I am so glad to hear he is doing well and that you are too. Thank you so much for updating x
He is so perfect and tiny, absolutely gorgeous. Glad to hear that after your rough start he is doing well at home, and sleeping too smile Hope all continues to go well with your family!

What an adorable family you have!
So glad all is well smile
welcome back and what a cutie you have(all of them actually).

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

such a gorgeous little man. glad to hear that he doing really well. smile

so cute!! you have a beautiful little family there

hey long time no see

glad your gorgeous boy is home and doing well, love the pics, you have a beautiful little family smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

He is so cute.

Thanks for posting such beautiful pics V. Ciaran is gorgeous. I'm so glad he's finally home and doing well. smile

Your other kids are cuties as well. smile

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