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Hi everyone! What did everyone do for their bubs first birthdays? DS turns one soon - we've decided on a pool party as it will be hot and there will be kids of all ages attending. I was wondering what everyone else did for food, birthday cakes and party bags.
Also, what did you give as a present? DS already has a investment account which is contributed to every month (plus whatever cash he is given as presents). He has more money than us already smile I'd love to give him something that he can keep forever or something that will grow will him.
Any views on party ideas will be greatly appreciated smile Regards, Fel
Hi Fel,

We just had a BBQ with close family & friends and a few kids from mother's group. I spent a bit of money on the birthday cake, which was a number one in blue icing.

I gave everyone a party bag as I find adults tend to love them more than the kids, and kept it really simple.

As for presents, I bought a few outdoor toys just for bubs to have something to open, and put some money into a bank account.

I figured when Jack turns two, I will go the full party and get a jumping castle and maybe a clown.

we dont do much just morning tea & cake with the cousins, i make the cakes my elsest son had a barney cake no2 has elmo & no3 had a rocketfor pressies just a new toy if u want something to keep maybe a coin set? we will not do a big party till they turn 5 when they undertand better. as to party bags just simple things not too many lollies! i gave the cousins a little board that you can just use water to paint the and bubble blowers as did not fill them up with so many sweets

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

We did party bags, with a few lollies and some little vials of bubble mixture that I got from the supermarket really cheap. Th ekids were all different ages, but all loved the bubbles.
Maya's dad and I went halves in a greenstone pendant for her as a present. It's a traditional Maori thing, the design we picked means health and happiness. It was fairly expensive ($230) but she will be able to keep it as she grows, and eventually pass it down to her kids/grandkids.

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I just had some of my friends and their children over for Taneesha's 1st birthday, we had party pies, sandwiches, sausage rolls, and fairy bread, not too much but yeah she enjoyed it

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

We had a huge 1st birthday 4 bj me and my fiancee belived it was really important as it was the 1st birthday he was ever going to have so we invited the whole family 150 plus guests to our house we had a bbq and a marque and a jumping castle ds was walking so he like the castle but only when he was on there by him self he didnt like it when he was on there with all the kids he got alittle scared my MIL got a huge cake with his photo on it and we had lolly bags 4 all the kids but as we had so many we bought the lollys in bulk from the ware house we bought him clothes and some toys and a ride on car but he was more interested in the paper LOL but it was a good day a little stressfull but good.... ds just recently had his 2nd bday we just had dinner and cake and his grandparent and godparents over not anything big untill his 21 lol

Mummy 2 B-J

Hi ladies!! Thanks for all the ideas smile It seems as though all the little ones had an awesome time turning one. I like the idea of the bubbles in the lollies bags. I've decided to sort the bags into age groups. The little bubs will get a toy, baby juice popper, book and balloon and the older kids will get similar but with a few lollies added. I think I will just scour the $2 dollar shops for cheap toys to throw in and not too many lollies. I might decide to give the parents a lollie bag for themselves. I'm still not sure what gift to give DS - if he was a girl it would be easier (I love the idea of giving a bracelet and adding a charm every year). I like the idea of making the cake myself, but I can't decide what kind of cake - truck, Nemo, number one - I stayed up half the night last night because I couldn't stop thinking of all the possibilities - I'm sure my head was close to exploding! If anyone has anymore ideas on anything, expecially the kind of cake, I'd love to hear them smile Regards, Fel
Hi Fel,

Maybe you could invest in a kids party cake book, I have a Womens Weekly kids party cookbook, and it is full of cake & party ideas.

Hi Fel

I also have the Womens Weekly kids birthday cake book, which is great. For Paiges first birthday we just had a family and close friends (around 20 people) for late lunch come afternoon tea (fitted in around Paige's sleeps). I had a diaster with the icing for the cake I was making, ended up having to ring the local bakery who do cakes and get them to make one for me, it ended up just been a square cake with pink icing and happy 1st birthday. I was sooo stressed out about the cake diaster that I was in tears about it when I went to collect the one from the bakery. My mum reassured me the next day the cake probably won't be the thing that Paige will remember it will most likely be the pressies.
This year I made up for it big time, and made her a butterfuly cake, which was beautiful and she loved it.
Just try to relax and don't get stressed out (believe me it can be stressful).

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

the womens weekly fantastic cakes is great & quit easy to make the ckes my middle son just turnred 3 he had a ball choosing his cake decided on a giraffe

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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