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My kids only have two cousins, lol. Our kids are 7,5 and 4. My sisters children are 6 and 4.
My kids have one first cousin, she's 9mo, my kids are 7.5yo, 5yo and almost 3yo - so they've only just started playing with her more now, since she's been crawling.

They also have a couple of my 2nd cousin's they see fairly often, they're 3.5yo and 12mo - so they all play really well together.
Yep, my sisters have between them all have 10 children and including my lot theres 16 1st cousins just on my side. On Dp's side theres more kids under 15years then I care to count. Lol. They are all close in age and they all get on like a house on fire... its wonderful but its very expensive when we start hosting birthday parties smile

We don't have anything to do with hubbies family so there is 1 child in that family 1 year younger then my youngest, but i don't really count her because we haven't met her.

My sister has a 4 month old bub now so that's their first cousin. My kids are 2 and 4

Forever, for always and no matter what

My kids are almost 6 and a 4 year old there cousins are in age order 11, 8, 7,6,6,6,2,2, 9 months. We see them all the time
On Dh side there are 4 cousins but they are all teenagers we see a bit of them but when they. are all together they don't play much with the boys thpugh.

On my side the boys have 1 2year old cousin and soon to. have another in about a month. We see them maybe 5-6 times a year but they get along great

DS sure does. 11 cousins my side (6 different state) and 5 DH's side (2 different state). Oldest is just gone 8, youngest 8 months. Been 2 - 3 cousins (nieces or nephews to DH & I) born each year! smile Looking like none for 2013, though still a chance! smile
My little ones are 8 and 9 the youngest in the family and they have 12 cousins ranging in age from 13 up til 25 on their dads side my side they have 2 cousins aged 11 and 7 they see more of their cousins from dads side mainly because they are closer to us in proximity.
Our kids have 2 on my side that they see a bit of, they're a little younger than dd but they love to play together.

On dhs side they have 3 more cousins however they are much older. One is 21, another 19 and an 11 year old. Dd has only met the 11 year old once and the other two twice, ds has never met them.

My DS is 5 and my DD is 6 months and they have cousins that are 7, 4, 3, 3.18 months and 9 months.

We had about 45 cousins growing up all within about 8 years of each other. We spent alot of time with mums side which was about 19 but not much with Dads side about 26.

Big families as Dad was from a family of 8 and mum from a family of 7!!!
yes some close in age but the other cousins are in their late teens / early 20's but all get on with each other.
My boys are 10, 11 and 12( 13 in may).
My youngest sister has a son who is 10 months older than ds1(He turns 14 july),middle sister has a daughter who will be 4 in may( my boys dote on her).
Bil1 has a daughter who is is 14( 16 mo older than ds1),Bil 2 has 2 girls 18 & 21 yr olds ,bil3 has 20 yr old girl+ 18 yr old boy,bil4 no kids.All the cousins from both side of the family get on so well!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

BIL and SIL have a son who is 16 months older than DS. they dont really play yet. hopefully it will change when they get a bit older. my siblings are a long way off from having kids. my brother hasnt had a gf in nearly 2 years and my sister is at uni and wants to finish, get a job for a few years, travel and then have kids. she said earliest possible time would be 4 or 5 years away. her bf is keen now as he is 5 years older than her but she isnt ready yet. its alright though. smile

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