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secrets to removing texta from clothes ? Lock Rss

DS is 5 and just started big school, they wear white shirts and everyday come home covered in texta, now I dunno what kinda of textas these things are as they are like cockaroaches and can live through anything !! I have tried, vinegar and bicarb, normal nappysan, aeroguard, hairspray, off milk and have bleached them for a week. We are currently up to 9 shirts soaking. I have told him to wear paint shirts, etc which obviously he is failing to do. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated otherwise Im going to soon need to buy shares in a white shirt company !

I'm not sure if it will work but it sometimes works for paint is to wet it with some rubbing alcohol (Isocol brand is in the supermarket with the bandaids etc or I've seen in Chemist Warehouse but slightly dearer)> Then take a cotton bud or similar and try rubbing gently. You may need several cotton buds to avoid moving the mess around. Then wash in the usual way or soak in Napisan/Vanish.
We are up to week 4 of the first year of school and DS has ruined 2 blue shirts already! Good luck!
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