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m poor family :( Rss

My family is getting flooded for the third time this year sad this time is worse than the other times and my brother is generaly a relaxed person but even hes getting worried because its very close to his house and not expected to peak for another 5 hrs!!

I hope they get through this without any damage!! my mum is in the same town but is in a higher position so atm nothing to worry about for her

sorry to hear that for your family sad
where are they ?
its hard to know what they are going through but what a scary time. Espeically in the middle of the night !

i know im stressing out big time for them and im not even there LOL

They are in south east qld. They should peak in about 4hrs now but the water is 2 houses down from my aunty atm sad

and then once they get over this peak tonight they have to wait for the water to come down from the mountins within 24 hrs so will efectively get flooded again sad

The world is a funny place isn't it ! Fires, floods, aparently sink holes over in america ?!!??!?! Just wierd.
Hope they see the end of the rain soon xx

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