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I did it lol Lock Rss

I entered my baby in the bonds search.I can't believe it i bag it every year. There are over 3000 pages of babies !!!!!
All so cute <3
Come on... who else is guilty of entering this year smile

we did it smile
Maybe ashamed wasn't the right word, lol

I have been planning to but the weather has stopped me from getting out to get a nice photo. Might have to just choose a recent one to use

Ive never done it with the other kids but it just looked like a bit of fun, its on nearly all of my friends facebook so I think its something everyone is getting on board with!
P.S there is also a Harvey norman photo centre one, where they can win a 10 000 dollar education fund.
Want to help me choose a pic? Here's 3 options, the third one is a couple months old but love his smile in it. The 2 with ice blocks are a few weeks old. It's hard to find pics of him without a hat on.

we did, and strawberry i would use the second one but try and crop it so you get the face, it is such a cheaky look

The second with the ice block? Or the smiley one?

the second one but try and crop it so you just get his face

Ok. It is probably best to use that as the last one is a bit old I think & he's changed a fair bit in that couple of months

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