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What to do about milk? Rss

well if she isnt drinking the cows milk what is to say she will drink the formula ??
Does she like yoghurt and cheese...if you can get other dairy into her, and water so she is drinking enough liquids she wil be ok.
i think just push on with cows milk. in my experience they will just end up taking to it.offer it every day, treat it as if its a normal thing.u drink milk so be it.

I'm in a bit the same situation but I am starting to wean my ds2 . He will only have a sip or two but I keep offering every day. My ds1 was the same and he eventually took a whole cup worth. Just make sure you give enough dairy in other ways like milk on cereal cheese yoghurt and custard. Also foods like salmon have calcuim

You could always try to source calcium elsewhere - heres a neat little list:

We're a dairy-free family and always have been and both my terrors are brilliantly healthy smile
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