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New begginings.. Rss

I just wanted to share this with u ladies, as i dont really have anyone else to share it with..
ok here goes..

after months of fighting with depression and keeping it hidden from the world (i guess i wasnt ready to except it) im finally on the up n up!

these past few weeks especially have been so hard and it finally made me realise that the problems i was having wernt everyone else, they were my own and a was causing alot of damage by ignoring it.
i broke down and finally accepted that it was me and if i wanted to change my life for the better i need to do so myself!

needless to say ive been feeling alot better, happier, healthier. ive done some unfixable damage (i destroyed a relationship i had with someone i love dearly and i dont think it can be fixed) but i know that i have to take it one day at a time and begin to love myself again..

i know its not increadably exciting but to me it means the world finally being able to let it out just a little

thanks ladies smile
Awesome smile The bestv luck for what the future has install for you smile

thankyou smile im currently trying to rebuild and start again so im hoping i can stay on this high
it took me losing the love of my life to realise what i was doing.. so its not all easy sailing i guess..
thanks hun smile it means aot smile
wow thats crazy hun sad but i can say i honestly thought about it.. but i could never bring myself to take my life. thats the point i knew i needed to change..

yeah my Dp is leaving, he said im not the same person he fell in love with since having DD (when the depression started) and no matter what ive tried he doesnt care..

all i can do is try my best, take one day at a time and be a good role model for my girls smile
thanks hun smile
That's a shame he can't help you get better to back to the person you "were" before the depression. But in my experience, they're not always the people you want around anyway.

I really hope your journey takes you to where you want to go and you are the person you want to be. And know it might take some time, but every step is a step ahead!

It takes a strong person to look at themselves and see what needs changing.

Good luck and GBH x

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