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Why is it with all the info available about car seats some parents still do the wrong thing. I was at the shops today and saw a baby capsule on someones front passenger seat. The car was a nissan tiida there was also a toddler seat on the back seat. The owner of the car and her young baby returned to the car with the baby being placed in the capsule on the front seat. The woman then drove off.
If she has an accident the child will most likely die which will be entirely the mothers fault although she will probably blame someone else.
There are to many bad drivers on the roads to be putting an innocent babies life at risk by placing them on the front seat. Restrained or not the airbag will probably kill them and there is no restraint point for the car seat.
I have notified the police, I hope they catch up with before anthing bad happens.

Vent over

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What always amazes me with parents like that is that they always buckle up themselves.

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In Australia it is against the law to have a child under the age of 4 in the front seat. There is no restraint point for the seat.

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Good on you for reporting it to police. I cant believe that people don't get it, i had some one suggest that i should take DD (who was like not even 1 yet) out of her car seat and cuddle her on my lap while hubby was driving cos she was really up set. What the? I couldn't believe that they didn't get that cant do this, i know it was different 35 years ago but come on. Why even have the kid in the seat if you are just going to get them out cos they are crying.

Some women seriously asked my DH if they could breast feed while driving and I mean she was going to be driving not just in the passenger seat but driving and breast feeding. I mean what of kind absolute moron would think that is OK?
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