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flying with baby on Jetstar Rss

will be flying with jetstar with DD soon and was wondering what im allowed to take with me for her (ie pram, baby bag etc) and what was the costs?
what can i take for free?

any info is appreciated smile
Give them a ring.

We fly by virgin & they said everything for a baby was for free. We had his pram & portacot and mattress for his cot.

Yes give them a ring. I flew with jetstar and could only have my suitcase and stroller as checked in but wasn't allowed luggage for bubs without paying like $90 excess but I could take it as carryon

We mostly fly virgin but the last time we flew was with jetstar and we were able to take car seat, portacot and pram with no added cost.

we flown with jetstar and the call centre told me the first time i asked the same question that you can take for free as check in either stroller car seat or pot a cot, i have always carried her bag, last few times we have flown we have had 5 bags btwn DH and DD and myself no problems, we also take and use our carry harrness getting on and off so much easier when carrying bags

good luck

thankyou ladies smile ill will be calling tomorrow morning smile
Hi ya

Pretty sure you can take two items FOC. Also, when you check in, ask for an aisle seat. Last times I flew with jetstar, paid to choose my seat - didn't get what I had picked. On the way down, they stuck everyone with a baby by the window! I was stuck next to two big guys, who also used the iPads they have on board so hell of a mission to get out to change DD's nappy! On the way back, I made sure they gave me an aisle seat as that is what I had paid for grrrrr you might be able to find info on their website as to what you can take for bubs rather than calling.

Good luck!
You can't take a suitcase for baby, but you can take pram, car seat and portacot. At least I have never been asked to pay any extra for these items on jetstar, and I fly with them every few months at least.

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