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Do you have to regiter a playgroup with playgroups victoria, or can u start an unofficial one
i know ur not covered by the insurance etc etc, but its basically just a grup of people who r all wanting to meet u new people at say the park, maybe coffee shop, or each others houses.

I am not sure legally.

It depends if you are just friends meeting up. I have joined 2 mother's groups here in QLD, both were officially hosted by a child health nurse for the first 6 weeks and then we all continued to meet up afterwards at parks, houses, playcentres etc but it was very informal.

If you are wanting to meet new people I would probably word it more along the lines of mothers group or mums and bubs or something like that rather than playgroup. Playgroup to me suggests a speciifc venue with toys and activities provided and run by a specific person each week.

I hope that helps ....

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dont call it anything 'official' what's wrong with meeting friends at the park or at someone's house.If you are worried about insurance etc then make it official

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thanks ladies
that helps alot

it also depends if you want funding for toys/equipment etc. You would need to be registered if you wanted to apply for funding.
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