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Am I being unreasonable?! Lock Rss

I don't think you're being unreasonable at all - you're the one who knows your girls best.
I'm all for doing things that make life easier for you, especially when you're heavily pregnant and get exhausted at the thought of moving, let alone actually having to deal with 2 tired and cranky kiddies!
Agree with all PPs! Not unreasonable at all. Your kids, your way!! And all your points are valid smile

I like what happy head said about maybe she thinks you are doubting her ability- if you want to make the peace maybe explain that side of things to dh/mil and explain its not that you are doubting her? Or stuff tem, let them think what they want and just know you're doing what's best for them cos you're their
Mama wink

You are most definitely not being unreasonable!

What your saying makes perfect sense to me so i say, stand your ground on this one !

I agree with everything your saying !

All the best on this one x
no your being a normal mum
My buba is 18 months and she has never stayed overnight away from home
home is her bed its what she knows
a day trip is hard enough for them
and as you said it there tired as at night and you have to deal with it
imagine what they would be like come monday
being pregnant is hard I do know as I am
but trust your self muma
your feelings are 100 right and dont worry about your mum your made the right decision

Not un reasonable at all!!
I don't think id be comfortable leaving either of my kids at that age regardless of clingyness, pregnancy, over tiredness.

Stay strong lovely.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

You are not being unreasonable. Your concerns are justified. You do what you feel is right.

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