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shoes Rss

I just wear a pair of brown reef thongs

they are super comfy. I do wear nice shoes if i'm going out for dinner or somewhere special or something

Forever, for always and no matter what

I have a few different styles of girly sandles/ slip ons and ballet flats for summer.
Winter is a mixture of ballet flats and ankle and knee high boots

Converse "dainty" low tops.
New style out at the beginning of summer. Souls aren't as chunky as the normal ones but bigger than the "classics" which wear out really quick. Or thongs or bare feet down the beach.

I wear Haviana thongs most of the year here on the Gold Coast.

Around home I'm bare foot. For going out either some slip on pretty sandle looking thing with a bit of a heel, ballet flats and on rare occasions in winter boots.
Jandals in summer, and either Converse or black Lacoste lace up street shoes in colder weather. my docs!! If the temp is above 28 - then I get out my them too!!

So many people wear ballet flats - my feet freeze in them, and I find them real uncomfy...I would love to be able to wear them though, there are some awesome looking ones around!
I don't have huge feet, just wide feet - that's why I find ballet flats uncomfy...and docs soooo comfy smile

Do you get cold feet?
Summer- havaianas 95% of the time! I have 15 pairs of them! (used to be 22 when I lived in Nth. QLD but I scaled down tongue) otherwise sandals or open toe wedges if we're going out

Winter- ballet flats, ankle boots, knee high boots. And sometimes still havi's if its not freezing laugh I just love them!
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