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Was I silly not to ask for help? Lock Rss

Dont be too hard on yourself. As long as you & bub are ok. I get you didnt ask for help because you were embarrassed. If I was in your shoes I wouldnt have asked for help either. Anyway take it easy & dont overdo it. xx

Honestly, yes. You should have gotten help.

Im not saying you're a bad person or mother. Im saying even if you're not pregnant if you feel that badly you should ask for help and not drive.

Imagine if you'd collapsed while walking through the car park? You could have been hit by a car.
Or if you'd fainted while driving?

I think you'll agree that the embarrassment is nothing to other possible consequences.

Please be more careful and if you start to feel unwell ask for help. If you're home let someone know how you're feeling and go lay down, that way the person you tell can call back in a while to check you're ok.

Good luck.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Mel+2 wrote:
Its pretty bad form that she just stared at you & didn't see if you were ok. Hope you feel better soon smile

+1! Dont feel bad honey, you were probably panicking about what was happening to you a bit too, so getting out of coles to call your hubby was probably first and foremost on your mind. I think Unique1 had a great suggestion of keep something in your bag to eat or drink in case it occurs again. Don't feel bad, you and bub are ok now and thats what matters x
Ohhh, your not alone hunny. This sort of thing happened so many time while I was pregnant. I have very low blood preassure, so I'd be almost fainting all over the place towards the end. Especially in the heat! Keep your fluids up. In future maybe have a powerade rather than a coke? Get some muslie bars, the Special K ones are yummy!!
Try not to stress about bub kicking lots. That's a good thing. My 3rd was induced as he had a non-reactive heart rate. He didnt move at all :-/
I used to carry a muslie bar in my hand bag, as if I went too long between meals while pregnant I got very faint :-/

I'm glad your ok!

I got really dizzy after my glucose test too. I caught the bus to and from the Dr's because they told me not to drive but the bus ride home (only 1 min) was awful.

They should of warned you that you would feel this way so that you could of had help getting home.

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