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I assuming a drop side has never failed in Aus if its not banned here? perhaps its a particular style of drop side that's dangerous that was only sold in America? my cot has a drop side and honestly cant see it failing, I need 2 hands to operate it. :S :/

edited to add : I found this link if interested

Wooden Spoon wrote:
I'm not short short, about 165cm, but I'd be lost without my dropside, mine's like Noddy's, with 2 buttons to press in to drop it, and they have to click in to be up, I learnt to do it quietly once DS was asleep in the cot.

yeah mines the same, I found it noisy with my ds1 and had to learn to clck it quietly smile

Yep. They're noisey as all HELL! Lol.
When you've just put a child to sleep the last thing you want is someone yelling "CLICK!" HAHA.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

80sBaby wrote:
I tried (and failed) to copy and paste some images here of how exactly a baby could be trapped by a dropside for anyone who is confused how. It's not that the side drops, it's that the side actually comes away from the cot at either the top or bottom of the drop side and the drop side is essentially swinging loose so the baby is kinda half falling out of the cot but then gets wedged in there. There was also images where people had tied something around the cot as an extra precaution so the drop side could still be used and could go up and down but wouldn't be able to fall away from the cot.

Not very good explaining! But there are images if anyone wants to google it smile

Nah, I get what you mean!

I didn't really think about that!

MWD wrote:
Mine is one of those ones where you have to lift it up and then push it in at the bottom with your shin tongue lol. It is not quiet at all!! As DD got older I stopped using it and opted for just plopping her in there as I read it can be taken as a barrier type thing between you and the child by them and funnily enough when I stopped using it she started to get to sleep easier. Weird huh! Poor little duck must have thought she was going to prison 4 times a day tongue haha!

Mines the one handed drop side too! Yep it's noisy. That's why I stopped using it. DD1 was going through this stage when the slightest nosie work her up so we just left it down. Even if you pulled it up ultra slowly you would still get a click noise as the pins clicked back in!

Bumping the spam smile
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