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I would Axiom but a bit out of my price range.

I have been using an epilator on my armpits the last 2 years. It's fantastic. My armpits are hair free for a good 2 or 3 weeks and then epilate once hair is roughly 2 or 3mm long. It is really, really, REALLY painful when you fist start but gets easier the more you do it. I have found it it slightly more painful during pregnancy. Not sure why, but well worth it.
I use IPL hair removal devices, and it works great for me. Being a travelling mom, I am looking forward to more convenient options for hair removal, such as an epilator. I used to do hard waxing before, but no longer do it because I find it messy.

EDIT: Wow, sorry for the necro, didn't realize this thread was so old.
6 different types of hair removal available, so you can pick your best method for smoothness this summer:

Shaving. Giphy. Most of us are probably familiar with this option, but shaving works by cutting off the hair at skin-level.
Depilatory Cream. Giphy.
Waxing. Giphy.
Sugaring. Giphy.
Electrolysis. Giphy.

3rd one is my best, you choose yours roll eyes
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