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How do you explain ANZAC day to your kids? Rss

Without condoning war?
My 5 yr old was asking smile

Aka G&L smile

At this age I'd talk about countries being bullies, and wars nobody wanted but that had to be fought to protect people who couldn't stand up for themselves. Explain that sometimes you need to go to war to protect something important, but that other wars have been fought for the wrong reasons.
my parents told us it was a special day to remember the importamt people who helped keep our country safe in hard times smile hope you find a way that you feel is appropriate
Good Luck

I just told miss five that lots of brave men fought for our country so we can live a nice life now

It's not condoning war telling the truth.
if ppl back then all had the same opinion about not condoning war, can you imagine what out beautiful country would be like today?

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