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What's your poison? Rss

I pretty much just drink wine, cider, mead and fruit or herb liqueurs. I don't tend to touch spirits unless its in a cocktail or using vodka as the base of my homemade cherry liqueur. I am not real big on beer either.
I love bourbon and coke but right now I'm feeling super relaxed after my double Bailey's and milk ahhh smile love a quiet drink on a Friday night when the babies are in bed grin cheers ladies x

Mmmm I'm not a big drinker but I do like a nice glass of moscato. Had the first one in almost 2 years at a wedding we went to the other weekend.

Maker's Mark Bourbon! If that's not available, JD.

I had not had a drink for over 7 years(Due to pretty much constantly being pregnant or breastfeeding) apart from the occassional sip of wine if DF wanted me to sample it. (Maybe twice a year MAX!) Mind you I couldn't pass judgement on it anyway as it had been so long since I had drunk wine, plus I was quite often pregnant so things just didn't taste normal to me anyway.

I went through 1 & 1/2 bottles of Maker's over two nights a couple of months ago and it was first real drink that I had had in years and frighteningly I was still sober!!! This was normal for me 7 years ago but I would have thought that I would have lost my 'immunity' by now!

A nice glass of Pinot Gris for me!
I rarely drink, I used to enjoy a wine at night but DS still doesn't sleep through so none of that sad

I love those cocktail kits target sells and you just add vodka and put in the freezer- yummmmm smile

I like wine mostly. I can't remember when i last had an alcoholic drink. Probably well before i conceived Ds.

I would like to have a wine but it just doesn't happen and Bf makes it harder.

Other than wine i like bicardi and coke.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I am a wine drinker-if you guys haven't work that out by now laugh , I really enjoy a good Sav .
I did not drink for years and years . But in the last 1 1/2 yrs I have started drinking again. The kids are older now and are able to be independant so I feel okay with having a few wines at night if I feel like it.
l am going to my friends house tonight to demolish a bottle of wine (or 2) with her while our kids have a movie night in the next room laugh
It sounds sooooo bad but it isn't really. We don't get toasted just happy grin
As for how often.... atm I will have a few glasses 2-3 times a week. It is my guilty pleasure wink
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I like a wine with dinner sometimes or when I'm cooking but I have rarely had any
alcohol for around a year an a half now. I think I've lost the taste for it.

I used to drink way too much years ago.

William's Mummy wrote:

Beer is disgusting. Don't know how people drink that stuff. The only time I like it is in a beef pie!

Oh I love beer! If I had to pick a drink of choice beer would be it.
I don't drink, no wonder I suffer migraines :^))

I don't drink very often. When I do though I love a glass of Moscato or kahlua and milk. I also like traminer reasling. Can't stand beer and red wine is too bitter.

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