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Wearing Hats At School! Lock Rss

I have not read all the replies but the kids have been drilled all though school( and preschool) no hat no play but once they hit high school they dont wear hats except for sports days( around us any way).That's my gripe

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

80sBaby wrote:
My kids hats stay at school in their drawer. DD1s teacher doesn't have any spares but DD2's teacher has spares and she washes them ready for the next day. It's not often that kids don't have hats because they are kept at school but sometimes they might be forgotten when they go home for washing or something. She also has spare jumpers which she bought out of her own money (which she certainly shouldn't have to do, but did), no logo or anything just cheap plain ones because sometimes kids don't bring jumpers or complain that they are cold after an unexpected weather change halfway through the day. A bit off topic there, but she is a beautiful teacher who goes above and beyond for those kids! She is leaving to have a baby soon and I think I may cry lol.

What a wonderful teacher!!!! My daughter has a few teachers like that where she goes. I was helping with reading last year on a day that they had school swimming lessons. This was year 1. One of the kids put up his hand and said that he forgot his undies to get changed into after swimming. The teacher said Don't worry it's okay I have a pack of new spare undies for incase this happened. I was really impressed that she had thought that kids/parents would forget to pack them. I always thought she was a great teacher but that just confirmed it for myself.

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