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Tell me about your earrings.. Lock Rss

I'm getting sick of getting sore/swollen ear lobes... They were pierced before Xmas and the only way they don't get sore is if I leave the same pair of titanium earrings in and don't change them.

This is no fun... Even when I change from one pair of titanium earrings to another pair of titanium it happens. I want to be able to change them up whenever I want to!

What kind of earrings do you wear an where do you buy them from?

I've looked at eBay and think there's absolutely no point in bothering because my ears won't tolerate anything that's not good quality. I bought some so-called 'hyper-allergenic' earrings and my ears HATED them, when I took them out the metal looked like it had been rusting in my ears!! Omg!

Also I'm sleeping with the titanium ones in as they'll close up after even 5 mins without them in.. Sometimes I wake up and have slept funny on it and it has all swollen up again - do you change your earrings to sleepers or something that can't cause trauma?

And do you still clean your piercing daily/weekly/monthly?
Sometimes I just feel like taking them out and not bothering any more, maybe my body is not cut out for this, always had sensitive skin and eczema so its just not happening..

I know I've asked questions before but that was more after piercing care..

Can you wear gold? I don't know much about titanium, is it better for your skin? I've had my ears pierced since I was 3 or 4 and never had a problem until recently- I wear a pair of gold Tiffany hearts, so excellent quality gold, and a pair of gold hoops in my ears' and I found the skin kept drying out and getting itchy behind the hearts despite having worn them for years, so now take them out at night and clean them very regularly. Ears and earrings. Have you gone back to where you had them done and told them whats happening? Maybe they can help? Or a dermatologist?
Well I havn't bought gold because I don't want to be wasting my money if it doesn't work. I bought the titanium ones from the jeweller because she told me it was the hardest metal and therefore should be okay for sensitive skin.

She told me that 18 carot gold is softer than all of them and would be no good, and 9 carot is the most commonly bought and 'might' be okay.

I'm wondering if plastic ones would be okay?? They surely can't erode or anything but I don't know enough about all this stuff. I'm sick of it but the reason I don't want to take them out is because my mum will say something along the lines of 'see you wernt meant to wear them'.

Daz I'm not sure I'd have the guts to do it myself.... Lol

I wear 18ct gold swirly earrings I got them from Michael hill for $160. They are bigger then a sleeper but not as big as hoops.
I do take mine out every night but mine have been pieced since I was 6months, so mine won't close

Dd was having heaps of problems with studs, she got hers done a year ago, so I switched to gold sleepers and haven't looked back! Her ears look good and no redness now!

Cleaning them with alcohol wipes, both ears and earrings.

Might be worth giving the nail polish a try, I'll give it a go.

My wedding ring is 9 carot white gold, but I don't find that rings cause a problem for me. I can wear any kind of rings. The places I get eczema are the typical spots... Elbows, behind the knees and I get some on my chin area if I get stressed. I've just found a new cream that has gotten all this under control which is great but obviously doesn't change the fact that my skin is sensitive.

nadz27 wrote:
Its been a good 25years since I got mine done so can't shed too much light on it.
What are you cleaning them with? - both ears and earings??
I found as I got older my ears got more sensitive but I realised that if I coated the bit that goes in the ear with clear nail polish my ears could handle almost every type of earing. But since you sound super sensitive this may not be the case.
whats your wedding ring made of? does it give you a rash etc, I'd probably go for the same metal that it is if it doesn't give you skin problems.

What a great idea nadz Im going to try the nail polish trick! Agree about the wedding ring metal too, good advice smile
Ditch the alcohol wipes.

Use salt water, much gentler and cleans well.

Titanium is usually the best,

Seeing that they are only 5 months old tho you need to give them time,
Minimum 12 months before you can leave them out, probably a little longer in your case as they seem sensitive.

Last time I cleaned any of my piercings/ earings would have been about 12 months ago, I just wash them when I was may face in the shower.

Only time I use alcohol wipes, is if I get a new set, and just wipe them over coz u never know what's happened to them in shops lol.

Best thing to get them to heal is leaving them alone.

My lip piercing has been indestructible, so was my nose, and through the cartlidge in my ear, however my earlobes were pains in the neck,
Took about 2 years before I could leave them out overnight without causing trauma putting them back in.

I wear small gold hoops and have never have a problem with these ones, I hardly ever change them though. I have found that I can't wear cheap earrings. Never clean them much either. I've had my ears pierced since I was 10 though.

Alcohol probably isn't good isn't it. Might grab some saline from work tonight an try that.

I've been cleaning them whenever I change them as I figure putting clean earings into a clean hole should stop it from happening but doesn't seem to be the case.

Ok so... Saline instead of alcohol, maybe gold earings will be ok. Might have to leave the current ones in for a while til they settle.

Little miss's I wondered about the cream but then worried it would kind of clag up the hole??

Personally I find out work saline abit week lol, as it's neutral to us.

Think ocean water. Lol

Detol is also good if the hole is a little snug (Ed going from sleepers to studs) as it helps lubricate, just wipe of any excess once they are in.

Think like your at work, if a wound is clean and dry we don't just take the dressing down and alcoho wipe it do we?

Try not to touch them at all for a fourtnight. (unless they are really scabby and yuck) small amounts of discharge is normal

Okay thanks. Maybe I need more patience. Lol

I really thought that after the 6 weeks that they told me to not touch them apart from turning them that they'd be good to go! 5 months.. I would expect them to be healed!

Lol Chalys but we know how amazing the human body is, has its own agenda.

Lmao like my stupid ovaries would have thought in 21 months they would have done something.

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