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Tell me about your earrings.. Lock Rss

Damn ovaries... They are an awful unreliable set of things arnt they duckie. I really hope yours behave themselves soon. X

When i got my dd's ears pierced last year I went to a professional piercer and was given diluted tea tree oil..... like really diluted. We were told to put it on 3 times a day gently with a cotton bud and NOT to turn them because it is a bit like ripping off a scab every day, it takes longer to heal.
After the 6 weeks we were allowed to take the earrings out but any earring we put back in touch as little as possible and clean with the tea tree also.
It worked really well.
I can't wear crap metal at all and I will use gold for my earrings. Everyday earrings don't cost much and if you watch for specials you can get really nice ones for cheap smile
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I agree with the other girls, don't clean them as often.
Ive had my ears done for 15yrs so don't remember them getting done, but with my belly button, the spray made it sore and red, as soon as I stopped and started using warm salt water it healed fine. I rarely cleaned my girls ears when they got them done and have never had an issue with either one. Even now I can't remember the last time any of us cleaned our ears. I clean the earring if its new, but other than that...
I wear a smallish pair of good hoops and never take them out, they stay in for sleep. The girls have gold sleepers and they don't come out either.
Thanks girls! smile

There are so many choices in earring styles — just go to the jewelry section in any of your favorite stores, and you can find a new pair of earrings to wear every day of the year! But we all have our favorite types of earrings: The ones we continually go back to.

Sure, hoop earrings had their moment, only to go out of style and then come back in again, but there are those all-the-time hoop earring wearers who don't give a second thought to whether or not they're in fashion. These dangling circles are a true staple for some women! Then there are those who prefer simple studs, keeping their ear lobes light and carefree. Other (more adventurous souls) prefer to wear gauges to complete an outfit. And then there are the classic, affluent diamond earring wearers who know the value of some good, old-fashioned earwear. But whatever your favorite type of earring, there's probably plenty to say about you based on the choices you make.

Of course, you're likely to find that you wear a combination of all these styles, and therefore you possess a combination of each of these personalities — because none of us are just one thing. Nevertheless, here's what your earring-sign, like your star sign, speaks about you. Granted, this is just my take on accessorizing as a means to self-expression. Because obviously, it's a great and fashionable tool for just that!
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