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Is there another school you could send both kids to that is bigger? 2 drop offs and pick ups would be crazy annoying!

Don't like the teacher's attitude of telling your DD she will be "good" and "not cause worry" if she leaves your DS alone, that's not really fair on her. Definately agree with some of the other posts. First I'd probably try the organising play dates with other kids so she gets some more friends.

I think your last option should be to move schools for just one child, the drop offs and pick ups alone would be very hard, probably same times too!

You never know, they might be really nice and think you are snobby. You know how sometimes we think things and turns out they not quite right:). Anyway, just start talking to them, you really have nothing to lose!
Have you tried talking to your DS about including your DD into his circle of friends?

Aka G&L smile

I don't have school age kids but reading your post i did have a thought.

Could the teacher organise some more in class group activities where children are divided into groups of three or four to work on one task? Say one large picture or painting or drawing each others outline. This would give your dd a good chance at making new friends and occupy her away from her brother.

I don't know if its possible in their class room but maybe they could rearrange the desks into groups with kids facing each other? Like if its the sort of desk two kids sit at then push two together facing each other. Then your dd would be socialized with three other students constantly. But then i suppose that might cause other problems.

Sorry Im not much help but those ideas came straight head reading your post.
Good luck.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

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