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Go for something simple. The Simpson ones are pretty reliable.

We spent a bit of money on one with all these extra features and ended up tossing it on the kerbside collection a couple of years later. It had a little knob thing inside at the back and threads and strands of hair and all kinds of other stuff used to get wrapped around it and would short out the dryer cutting off the electricity.It ended up doing it one too many times and stopped working all together.

Our replacement was a lot cheaper, none of the bells and whistles just turn the dial for the timer hit the button to start it and it goes. We've had it for over 5 years now, it is still going strong and we've never once had an issue with it.

one tip, try to get a dryer that takes about the same weight as your washing machine. We've had a dryer for years and didn't really think about its capacity until we had to replace our washing machine. We went from a 5.5kg washing machine to an 8kg one but our dryer is only a 4kg capacity. makes it annoying when I do a load and can't put all of it in the dryer.

We have a westinghouse 5kg dryer, it's great, I try not to use it much though, just for finishing off loads that are still a bit damp. I had a look a the sticker is still on it, it's 2 stars and says it uses 222kw a year - one load a week.

I only use ours for kids clothes and wet days, it's so good to have! Ours was just a hand me down but I need a new one. I'll be going simple as I don't mind hanging washing with the exception of kids clothes haha

We have never had a drier but will see how this Winter goes with an extra body in the house.
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