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What I heard at the park yesterday Rss

Kids learn from their parents ... What more can I say!
Rosie Mumma wrote:
RedButterflyMum wrote:
We took the kids to the park yesterday and because it was a little cold I decide to feed DD in the car. While I was in the car I could see some children- there was three of them. Their ages would probably be 9, 7 and 3 ish- and their mum sitting at a table looking at her phone.

When I looked over I saw that the youngest one's pants had fallen down but the mum had not noticed. Then suddenly the 7 yr old noticed and started called for her mum. She yelled out several times but the mum ignored her.

And then the 7 yr old said this "MUM I AM SPEAKING TO YOU!"

i've never heard a child that you speak like that before. I was a bit shocked.

Fair enough for the kid to say it I reckon. If the parent was ignoring him/her on purpose. It doesn't take much to say "Hang on a second luv" or to stop and listen to the child. I wouldn't be angry if my DD said that to me if I didn't answer her and she'd made several attempts to get my attention.
Exactly, respect goes both ways. If thats what you say to your kid when they ignore you, then the kid has every right to say it back when you ignore them.
I feel sorry for the kids. Unfortunately kids copy their parents in behaviour and talking. It is rude the way she yelled at her mother though.

How do you know the mother wasn't zoned out - by that I mean, gone into a place in her own mind. A lot of people on the autism spectrum do this, and simply may not hear someone talking to them, to the point someone feels the need to yell at them. Often I don't hear or see people when they are right in front of me - people feel the need to yell to get through to me. I say spend less time worrying about what other people's kids are doing, particularly if it's not harming you or your own children in any way.

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

Well I just wrote a big long reply and then decided against posting it lol. Basically, I agree with kerriej smile
kerriej wrote:
I say spend less time worrying about what other people's kids are doing, particularly if it's not harming you or your own children in any way.

Inclined to agree with this. I was expecting to hear that you heard something really bad but I am not sure that this is such a big deal. Not sure what you were criticizing, the mum on the phone or the child yelling at her?
When ppl say kids will repeat what parents say and your disgusted at this situation, I'm not sure why? Unless its just the fact the mum was ignoring her child for her phone- then fair enough

I say to my dd all the time 'Olivia lee I'm talking to you' when being ignored, what's wrong with that? I'm not swearing or hitting but getting my point across.

My dd is a very 'vibrant' child and I could imagine her saying this to me in certain situations like when I'm on an important call, when I'm in a shop talking to a sales person..... I guess I'm that bad mum everyone loves to judge!

Not sure what the big deal is. The kid was obviously trying to just get mums attention after repeatedly calling out to her. Who knows what the deal with mum was, whether what she was looking at was important or whether she was just ignoring the kid, or if she just didn't hear the first couple of times.

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Haha I love how you say vibrant child- I'm going to use that!

My dd is a vibrant child grin and quite often says to me "don't talk like that!" or "don't be rude!" in a very rude manner but it's because I say these things to her in a ffirm tone if shes being rude tongue if someone overheard her she sounds rude, yes she's repeating what I'm saying but I don't think I'm in the wrong saying these things to her!

As for the mum- she could have been being helped by a good friend via text on how to get through a tough day with the kids, could have been getting an update on a sick friend- we haven't idea why people do what they do but things are not always as they seem!

I don't feel sorry for the kids- I'm glad that's the worst you heard, Wwith all the terrible stories of neglect and abuse today I was scared to open this thread wink

RedButterflyMum wrote:
Um I never said I was disgusted by what the kid said and I wasn't judging the mum.

My point was that it just sounded weird coming from a 7yr old. If I had not of seen the kid I would have assumed there was a teenager around. It wasn't really what was said but how it was said.

How old are your kids/kid? Only reason I ask is because I've met some pretty fiesty kids, hence why I was not shocked by this comment. Kids pick up a lot - from their parents, from friends and relatives of the family, from other kids at school and from influences on TV, radio etc.

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