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Ahhhh baby no longer stinks!! Lock Rss

He smells like rotting meat. Seriously I can hardly stand it. The surgeon said the graft site would weep and smell but we are to leave the dressing in place til we see him again on Wednesday. Its weeping so much that his nappy is soaking it up! Ugh!!

Its embarrassing going out with this smell wafting around us. He is not allowed to have a bath for the entire week due to the graft on his hand and the massive boxing glove dressing. I'm washing him with a face washer and sticking his head under the tap to wash his hair but its just not making him smell any better!!

No point to this, just telling the whole world that my baby is unbearably smelly. After his sleep when I walk into his room the smell just about knocks you out as you open the door!

Sound horrible poor baby, it wouldn't be infected though would it? Or is it normal to weep and smell so much?
Apparently its normal... They told me to expect this.

I missed what originally happened with your little one?

Lol bugs do you think I could hang pine trees on bubba? Would he be poisoned when he chewed on them? laugh

Sorry I forgot to get back here. He is RANCID!!!! Gahhhhh! But, we fly back tonight for an 8am appointment tomorrow, so we'll get him cleaned up.

Supermummy they took it from the top of his thigh. I've been putting a combine dressing over the top of the whole dressing an changing that 3 times a day... Its soaking up the ooze so that gets smelly after a short time too. Last night when I took his clothes off even his clothing smelt like it!! Nothing was getting on his clothes so it must have all just been absorping the smell. Its so embarrassing being out anywhere, I'm trying my best to not leave the house which is difficult with dds schooling!! Lol

Lucky mummy my boy has second degree burns to his hands after putting them on the fireplace. He had a skin graft done last week to his right hand and we have not been allowed to bath him or change the dressings.

The smell must be awful. Not being able to do anything about it even worse. He must be such a little trooper to manage with it all.

I hope all goes well tomorrow with our appointment. Please let us know how you get on will be thinking of you both.

Thanks girls, he has actually coped amazingly well.. Just gets on with life like all is normal! The only time he has been upset is when he has the dressings changed, but as he has had silver dressings that has only been once a week. Its crazy how little ones just take these things in their stride!

Oh no, poor thing sad and poor you!
I hope all goes well xo

oh no....poor little guy. poor you! not long now.....
good luck tomorrow.
Hopefully the end is in sight. An end to the smell at least smile wink

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I would just have some air-freshner sitting on the window sills. Just the ones that sit there not the ones you spray. You will get through it even though its a really rough time now. Sending you GBH's. xx

I hope that everything went well for your appointmet this morning. Hope all is healing well. Have a safe journey home.

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