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Ahhhh baby no longer stinks!! Lock Rss

Well all looks great!!! I am so stoked, Such a weight removed from my shoulders! His left hand is completely healed, they took the hypafix off and left it off. Now I just have to massage and moisterise to stretch and soften the skin.
The graft on the right hand has taken well, we will need to do at least 2 more weekly checkups here to get the go ahead to see a physio. They think the skin might be a little thick for that area of his hand but really it's no biggie in the general scheme of things. So he now has hypafix and a silver dressing on that hand, hopefully next week it can come off!
The donor site on his leg where they took the skin is looking normal, it looks like it'll take a long time to heal but at least now he's allowed to bath it's not going to stink so much. First thing I did when we were finished at the hospital was take him to my brothers for a bath, and he loved it. smile

Nothing like something happening to your child to make you realise how first world all our problems are, I saw some things at the hospital that had me in tears and made me feel like my sons issue was so minor in comparison. I hope that I can take this with me and remind myself when I'm feeling frustrated with my children... that children are just so precious, and it's great that they have the luxury of taking us parents for granted. Some kids are going through so much pain and trauma and it's just unspeakably sad. All we can hope for for our children is to be healthy and happy.

Feeling uplifted by this good news and feeling fortunate for all the good people in my life. smile

Great news chayls so good to hear, must be a relief for you and glad he enjoyed his bath. smile

chalys 'n' J wrote:
Feeling uplifted by this good news and feeling fortunate for all the good people in my life. smile

Very good news about your son's hands and good on you too for taking such positive feelings away from the experience. Hope his healing continues on going well. I bet the bath felt so good - for everyone smile
Fantastic news!!!!! So pleased to hear that all is healing well. Would have felt so great for your little man to have a bath. Great work.

Totally agree with you about taking everything for granted. We sometimes really don't realise how lucky we are to have healthy happy kids.

here's to a nice smelling baby, hopefully everything is on the up and up now with him

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Ooh can't believe I nearly missed this. Fantastic news for you and your little man. Thats great he is healing so well smile

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