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so todays story was the Cat in the Hat, ok we all know the movie but read the book the children where left with no adult supervison, realy would you do that how old where the kids the book dosent say and it teachs them it is alright to let strangers in the house but hang on the fish did keep saying not while mother was not there.

Ummmm... It's just a story!

I haven't read the book, so can't really add what I think.

But I have got rid of some of our books for reasons that other people would probably think are silly. Some of them DS would probably not even pick up on, but I noticed every time I read them.

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Axiom wrote:
Mrs-mum? wrote:
Lets take a step back... There is a talking fish and cat... I think the kids are safe...
I don't know, sounds like they've found some LSD lying around...

ROFL grin
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Yea this is a bit silly. It's just a story.
However Thidwick The Big Hearted Moose is another Dr Seuss story that did shock me at the end when it says the rude animals that got shot by hunters and mounted on their walls got what they deserved! But I just won't read that one to ds anymore.

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