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I only ever eat them with vegemite everything else just seems wrong on them

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Tutu&Lulu wrote:
I only ever eat them with vegemite everything else just seems wrong on them

rasberry jam and butter, when i was pregnant i loved maple syrup on them
Rosie Mumma wrote:
What do you spread on your crumpets? I never have anything but butter and honey but I remember going to a friend's house when I was a kid and she had vegemite. I thought that was the weirdest thing ever.

DH has jam or nutella on his.

Random question I know, was just wondering.........

Always had marmite on them growing up in nz! Yummy!

Vegemite with heaps of butter, sometimes strawberry jam or usually just plain butter. My mum loves honey on them though.

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Vegemite with lots of butter.

Oh and peanut butter & honey - great combo my DH introduced me too.
Jam, nutella or golden syrup. Have also had Vegemite and/or cheese but my sweet tooth generally goes for any of the first three options grin and of course all with lashings of butter!
Oh wow, i thought we were normal, but after reading your replies i guess not...

We have sugar on them. Butter and sugar, the more butter and sugar the better. I looove brown sugar, but my brothers also use white sugar. Never really thought of doing anything else actually... May have to try it with vegemite one day smile

Vegemite, peanut butter, or my all time favourite is honey & cheese .... Mmmmm crumpets......
The kids and i have vegemite, but only a tiny bit and DF has honey.
Either butter & honey or vegemite & butter - only a touch of vegemite, the only time when I can happily eat vegemite....
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