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Do you think it is really needed?
Our private health has gone up by $80/qtr which is crazy. I am thinking of getting rid of our hospital cover as we havent used it since DS was born in 2008. I will keep our extras as we use them all the time but not sure about the hospital.

i think there are a couple of other things to consider as well - how close are you guys to 30? If you guys don't take out healthcover again in the next few years, are you going to have to take out healthcover under lifetime health loading in the future? Just I've looked in to that for my parents and it is EXPENSIVE, and I think you definitely want private health when you're older.

Also, are you guys going to have to pay a heap of extra medicare surcharge surplus (or whatever it is) by not having hospital cover? Just extras cover does not count towards reducing that, only hospital cover does. For us, it is way way cheaper to have private health than pay the surcharge.
I think its good to have, especially when you have kids so that you know you don't have to wait crazy amounts of time to get something done. My Nanna just had to have surgery and because the waiting list was 2 years to go public she went private and paid for it. She had the surgery and spent 1night in hospital and it cost her over $7500 all up.
The other thing to consider is will you be hit with the Medicare levy if you do away with the hospital component? If we were to drop our hospital cover, the amount we would be paying to medicare would only be $300 less than what we pay out in health insurance after the government rebate. I think that's a pretty small price to pay to know you are covered.
Agree with happy head, it's one of those things that if you didnt have it you would need it and wish you had it. Obviously each family has different needs and a different budget but for our family I feel it's worth the cost. If we did 't have it and I needed something done and had to go on a waiting list I can suck it up but I would hate my kids to have to be on a waiting list. I had both my boys privately for which our health insurance paid out over $7500 for the 2 combined plus $3000 for an op dh needed and a hospital stay for ds2 was another $400 plus the extras we have claimed so in 7 years we have got far more out of it than we paid in! Ds1 also needs an op so again it will be used.

Maybe it's time to shop around and see if you can get a better deal? You can get basic hospital for under $25/wk so apart from the convenience of having it you have to figure out what will cost you more in the long run with tax etc.
I would prefer to keep it as I know it is worth having but hate having to cough up $600/qtr when we dont use it. We are currently with BUPA and I would like to up our extras mainly for DS speech pathology.

Who is everyone with?

HappyHead wrote:
We are with BUPA too, have been for over 12 years... now they no longer offer the policy we have so if we changed we'd be paying more and getting less benefits.
same. we were with mutual community and then it switched. If we change now to get the same cover it will cost a lot more. We are paying around $130 a fortnight.
We are with ahm and they're pretty good. A friend deals with a lot of surgeons and hospitals for work and he said that most of them think ahm is the best value for money. We pay around $400/month for top level hospital and extras but have certainly got our money's worth having had 3 kids ( they payed out around $7000 each) and with all our extras. We've had our policy for about 7 years though so I don't know if they still offerour package at that price.
We pay bit over $300 a month for ours, family cover, with Medibank, top hospital plus a medium type extras. I hate paying it, but DH has so far each year since having it, had a day surgery which is all completely covered. Plus I claim a fair few extras. Oh, and we don't have a hospital excess either.
1Princess+1Prince wrote:
I would prefer to keep it as I know it is worth having but hate having to cough up $600/qtr when we dont use it. We are currently with BUPA and I would like to up our extras mainly for DS speech pathology.

Who is everyone with?

You can ask BUPA for a cover review just to make sure you have the right cover. If you don't mind direct debit, fortnightly can be a bit easier to manage than quarterly. When I used to sell private insurance fortnightly was the most popular. If you change your cover make sure that you know what you are covered for and where. Some insurers offer corporate discounts if you work for certain companies or are member of certain organisations.
We are with NIB and it is about 320 per month for the four of us but that is also top cover see I set my policy up with them abut 12 years ago and they no longer offer it so i refuse to change as i can claim so many things that are no longer offered and then when DH and I got married we looked at changing but the benifits where not there so i was able to add him to my policy same benifits and then when DD2 was born she was add no extra cost then when 'DD1' came into our care she also was added no extra costs she just has to wait for some things, never had a problem with them and we use it heaps

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