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This week we are having

Roast chicken and vegetables
Fried rice
Fish and vegetables
Sasuages with mash potato and veggies
Pork casserole
Silverside in the slow cooker with veggies
This week at our house the menu is...
Barramundi with lemon butter sauce with baby potatoes, honey carrots, corn on the cob and green beans
Spag bol with homemade garlic bread
Roast chicken with roast veg corn on the cob and beans
Satay chicken with coconut rice and steamed greens
Meatloaf with mushroom sauce and veg
Sausages, chips and eggs
Lamb chops and veggies

A month in advance supermummy! Very organised!

I would always use a piece of roast beef when I do it in the slow cooker. Yum! smile

I always brown mine first and then add a cup of water. I also add any veggies that need using up and the whiz them up with the juices and a little roast meat gravy powder and it makes delicious gravy at the end.

I did a little hunt and think I found it

just about to pm you those other recipes smile

Is the meatloaf I pm'd you supermummy going to appear on your list?? We having that on Wed night smile

My_little_dazzler wrote:
I have nothing lol I so cbf thinking about what meals I am going to cook :/

Have you tried any of the other recipes I gave you yet? grin The garlic chicken was a huge hit lol I have never seen DD eat anything so fast

Can I have your recipe for the garlic chicken please smile

If you use the search bar supermummy you can find the thread I just searched meal plan but forgot to copy the link for you lol I'm about to post in it so it'll bump it up for you anyway smile

Forever, for always and no matter what

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