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From the way you have worded your post im assuming you have had some kind of surgery? Last year my dh had to have surgery and for a month could do pretty mhcb nothing and then no lifting or repetitive motions for another 2 months. Was it frustrating having to do everything and be 2 people? Absolutely! BUT I preferred to do it all than risk dh ending back up in surgery and being out of action for another 3 months.
Tell dh to harden up. Or to put it more nicely let him know you really appreciate him picking up the slack and that you really wish you could do more yourself but you really need to take it easy so you don't have to do this all again.
As for the getting you down, it did for my dh. Be kind to yourself. Remind yourself its not forever and you are taking it easy for the sake of your family so you can back to being what you need to. Take care hun x

Wow he is being a complete prick. In your shoes I'd pack a bag and head off to my mums. Its not good enough!

The big thing for some people is a misconception of just how important resting is. Maybe since there's only minimal visible impact from the op (just the 4 small keyholes) he considers it a minor thing but it's not. He needs to understand that this was major abdominal surgery and that if you are not taking it easy you can very easily end up back in hospital with lots of complications. You really need to stop and let yourself rest, who cares if he chucks a case of the sads/grumps because you're not doing x, y and z. You need to give yourself a chance to heal internally. If it comes down to it, can you go back to the hospital? I know the op was a few days ago now but if you're not getting a chance to rest and recover at home maybe going back to hospital is the way to go, or to family (leaving the kids with him).

Gbh supermummy I hope today is a better one for you and that you can rest up without bwing hassled. Hope your dh wakes up to what he's doing a bit too. Great you've got a plan for next week too smile

dude... I'm a big believer that they only treat us as bad as they let us. And if they treat us bad regardless of what we allow then they're not good enough for us. I say us because I'm talking about you, me, every woman on the planet.

We do a LOT for our families and put ourselves last constantly for the needs of others. If he were my husband I would seriously go off my head at him. It's not until they are thrown in the deep end with kids that they truly learn how much you do. Seriously, STOP DOING THINGS. Do NOT let him guilt you into doing it all anyway when you are supposed to be resting. He is in a bad mood anyway regardless of your efforts so it's not going to be any different if you stop.

Give yourself the rest you deserve. This post frustrates the hell out of me, not just for his bad behaviour but because you are trying to please him when it's not about him at all.

Oh you poor thing. You should be resting. Not dealing with all this crap from your dh. My sister just had surgery last week & came home and the house was a bomb. Her family don't give a rats ass about helping out. She ended up doing cleaning all afternoon after the surgery. Of course she overdid it and was in heaps of pain. Then the very next day straight back into being a taxi service and doing jobs around the house. I could have shot her family. What a bunch of inconsiderate assholes. Plus her dh was getting really shitty over everything that wasnt done. Sadly in their case this has happened numerous times.

I would not put up with it. Your partner should be supportive in your time of need. I understand it is alot of pressure on the partner to do everything but its better than you ending up back in hospital. Sending you lots of cyber hugs. xx

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