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Recent hairstyle with DD * pic * Rss

Ha not sick of it dazz, so cute to see little girls hairstyles. You do a great job! Wish I had someone to do them on(I used to braid my nieces hair but they're too old now sad )

that's lovely, how do you get her to sit there for long enough? lol smile
My nieces are at high school too old for braids sad they're into all the funky messy hairstyles

that is stunning Dazz! you are so lucky to have such a willing model.

No way either of mine would sit still long enough for me to do that, or come to think of it I dont know if I would have the patience tongue

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

no need to appologise hun. love seeing them. it looks wonderful!

Very gorgeous indeed!

I can't wait for my DD's hair to grow longer ! She is 1 & there's not even enough hair for a little pigtail yet!
And my daughter wears short hair, so it is easier to care for them, and I myself wear the same. Maybe you will be interested in what can be done with such short hair, I just found on which there are just a lot of options like making short hair just a cool hairstyle that will fit your face.
I am also find one more place where you try more short hair styles so they will also helpful i think this good for all types of hairstyle
We started making funny hairstyles for our daughter at 8 months old, she was so funny, big cheeks and a little ponytail))) tongue
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