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Best baby gift? Lock Rss

What is the best baby gift you've ever recieved?
A set of coloured cloth nappies (old style). Used them almost everyday for burping and spills and DS is now 3 and they are still going strong.
A Snuza Hero...could save my baby's life.
the amber teething necklace. its the one gift I remember that still works now. everything else she has grown out of. =)
Having just had my first baby shower last weekend...I have a few ideas fresh in my mind!
- pregnancy massage for Mum (after all the baby gets most the gifts!)
- baby first aid kit
- swaddle me baby wrap with velcro tabs
- voucher for mum to attend a baby massage class
- baby hamper from Friday's Child baby gifts ( beautiful but practical gifts for bub and gorgeous keepsake case that you can use afterwards to store baby keepsakes
- voucher for photo studio/shoot for mum and bub
- baby gym/play mat
I took a large nappy cake from to my friends baby shower on the weekend. it became the centerpeice of the gift table. I was so proud, thanks Sandy
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