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just a discussion on funerals Rss

Hubby and I have life protection each, so we are covered in the event one of us was to die sad and the clause in ours says $10k is paid out immediately to cover funeral cost. sad to think about but reassuring to know we are covered!

I think if you simply cannot afford a funeral ( am im sure there are plenty out there) they can get a paupers burial. completely no frills. Im sure there are plenty of elderly ect with no family when they pass away the gov takes care of it

just found this: .

"THE Department of Justice and Attorney-General is required to provide a "simple burial or cremation" to any deceased person whose assets cannot cover the cost of their funeral and whose relatives and friends also cannot pay."

When dad passed away we did a budget funeral.
It was a package where he got picked up and taken to be sanitised only and put into a 'dignified' coffin. We had the option to have a viewing for free and he had a direct cremation and the ashes returned to us and paper work done.
Everyone who wanted to got to see him and say goodbye before he was taken from mum and dads home and we held two memorial services one in Aussie and one in NZ.
The charge was about $1500 and the services were just basic and we did the speaking ourselves and everyone told the story of his life.
Any friends were told. When asked that the family had already had a special time say goodbye and that we were inviting friends to come and join us for a celebration of his life.
So it doesn't have to cost lots of money.
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I don't know the whole story but a friend of mine had her Ex DH pass away. He was sick and unable to work and he worked for himself. So he had no sick leave etc. He also had no money as he spent it all on his illness. She mentioned that when he passed away they received help from the government for his funeral. It was only a very basic funeral but they did receive assistance from the government. As I said I don't know all the details as I didn't like to ask but she did say that assistance was available and was taken up and her and there daughter went to the funeral. His olders dauhters organised the funeral but they are in early 20 and still studying so also had no money to pay for a funeral. I don't know how you access it but I think there is assistance out there but probably not made too public or everyone would be applying for it.

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