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Im Currently looking for some more penpals.

Iike writing to people from all over the world. I enjoy getting letters instead of junk mail all the time.

If you would like to be a penpal then you are at the right place.

Im a stay home mum of 3 children, Siobhan5, Kyle 3, Nikita 1 at the moment.
Married my soul mate have been married 1 year.
I know its hard not many people like to write the old way anyway, they would rather e-mail/ text. I like doing that as well. But also like writing letters.

4 surprises. I can't pm you, cause we have to be following each other first.
but a good way to bring it back out now, is to find people that would like to write and write again.
Hi mumto3kids82.
Are you still looking for more penpals?
Yes I am still looking for penpals feel free to pm me.
Hi- I can't pm you because I am not follow you or vice versa.. my email is if you want to email me your details.
Have just emailed you now.

Do you mind if I follow you?

4 surprises. wrote:
Wow good old fashion penpal. I remember that as a kid. now a days we have computers. thanking you for bringing back a childhood memory. pm me if you like. I have 4 kids Mitchell 16, kayla 15, Brandon neally 5 and josh neally 8 months.

Are you keen to be a pen pal?
4 surprises. wrote:
I sent you my address 5 months ago lol and didn't hear from you. I cant find the time to write lol but I can send you a pm laugh sorry

That's fine, would it be easier for you to email instead of letter writing?

Here is my email addy then you can email

I am still looking for snail mail pen pals if anyone is keen....
Im keen smile Im into writing letters still. I'll follow you and if thats ok and then pm you my addy and likewise.

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