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I have one, not overly happy with it though. I've had it for 8mths & I'm still figuring it out! When I got my old iPhone I was able to navigate my way through it straight away, kind of like the old nokias, they're all the same & easy to use.

Also it's huge, it's so wide that's it's awkward to hold when talking. Lastly I find the amount of apps available is much more limited than Apple apps, particularly kids educational ones.

On the upside the screen is really clear & I quite like the camera.

The only reason I went with the S3 is because the monthly cost was about 1/2 the amount of the iphone 5. I'll be going back to an iPhone next time for sure.
I have one and its great. It did take a while to figure it all out. I have had to send it back about a month ago for a whole new board. Otherwise I would recomment it. The screen size is just right for me.

I love my s3 and don't have any problems viewing pics. I'm with you, anti apple all the way

Love my galaxy. Best phone ever. Very anti apple but have had an IPhone for work, hated it.
We have an s4 ilove it .

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